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 My GaMe IdEaS...

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PostSubject: My GaMe IdEaS...   Fri Dec 04, 2009 9:40 pm

name: Mario and Sonic: THE GAME TO END ALL GAMES
a never ending game that thinks for it's self and gets tougher as you go becouse it learns about you. and Mario, Luigi, and others and Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and others have to team up to beet Eggman and Bowser. and you can go to the chao world as Mario or Sonic. you choose a team of 4-6 characters (the teams have to have even amounts of Mario and Sonic characters). in the chao world you raise chao and after you raise the chao you can equip them to a character. the equiped chao do special things for each one. but there are SUPER special chao that you can play as, they cant be equiped to chao, and must beat Nazo stage 1 to unlock them. there names are: Ice Bluejay and Bingo. Ice pounches with Ice. Bluejay pounches with fire. and Bingo pounches with darkness that slowly makes the enemy disaper. but after he levels up to Lv. 99 it is instant. the characters level up by gaining Exp. just like in pokemon. you can unlock Super Sonic, Super Shadow, Hyper Sonic, Hyper Shadow, and Hyper Shadic. to unlock Super Sonic and Super Shadow you have to beat 7 bosses then after you beat them it shows a cut-scene where the Chaos Emralds are spinning around Sonic and Shadow then they turn into there Super forms. to unlock Hyper Sonic and Hyper Shadow you have to beat 7 more bosses then it shows a cut-scene where the Super Chaos Emralds are spinning around Super Sonic and Super Shadow then they turn into Hyper Sonic and Hyper Shadow. to unlock Hyper Shadic you have to lose to Nazo stage 2 then it shows a cut-scene where Hyper Snonic and Hyper Shadow turn into normal Sonic and Shadow and then it shows Sonic and Shadow with who they care about behind them behind Sonic it shows every Sonic persion in the game(but Sonic and and his forms) and behind Shadow it shows Maria then they wake up and dissaper and reaper togeather as Hyper Shadic. you can unlock two more characters. they are: Hyper Knuckles and Super Tails. to unlock Hyper Knuckles and Super Tails you have to beat Nazo stage 3. to beat Nazo stage 3 you have to (befor any dammage is done to Nazo) use Hyper Shadic's Negative Power Drain. Negative Power Drain makes Nazo stage 3 turn back into stage 2(and that is it's only effect...). in the game there smash balls, they are scatterd around in the game, and can only be used by the Mario characters. when Luigi you can jump through mirrors and when in the mirror you can look out of other mirrors then jump out of one when ever you want. but if you stay in the mirror world for to long you start to get hurt. if there are three Toads on your team all of the characters on your team go up 1 level. all of Bowser's minions and all of Eggman's robots stop working for them after you beat 124 bosses. then you can use them in 2-player battle mode and in missions. you can play over Wi-Fi. in Wi-Fi you can battle people, play Wi-Fi only missions, and look at rankings(when you go on Wi-Fi the game autamaticly uploads how many levels you've beaten).

name: Pikmin 3
New Pikmin colors and powers: color: black power: can go through fire, water, and electrisity, color: orange power: cannot be killed by bomb rock explosions. Olimar, Louie, and President return to hocotate when they find out a Dwarf Bulborb hitched a ride on the ship. So they have to take it back. Then when they get back to the planet they find the Pikmin in danger. So they must help them by getting 1,000 of each color of Pikmin
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PostSubject: Re: My GaMe IdEaS...   Sat Dec 05, 2009 2:52 am

i hated pikmin...

mario and sonic: i rate video games with SuperCheats.com...i would give it a 10/10. However, Sonic is not owned by nintendo. Nintendo already pays royalties to Sega for brawl, olympics, and now this....it would be hard to pull off
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My GaMe IdEaS...
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