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 Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

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Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Empty
PostSubject: Guitar Hero: Aerosmith   Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Icon_minitime1Thu Sep 24, 2009 1:47 am

Always loved Aerosmith: Steven Tyler (Vocals), Joe Perry (Lead Guitar), Tom Hamilton (Secondary Guitar), Brad Whitford (Bass Guitar), and Joey Kramer (Drums).

So far in the game, I have gotten 100% on Pink, Dream On, and Let The Music Do The Talking. Anybody else get 100%'s or awesome solo FC's? I can play the beginning of Mercy perfectly.

Random: When you select Kings and Queens, the message says, 'Good Luck', like on Through the Fire and Flames GH3. TTFAF was the hardest song ever, KaQ is one of the easiest! >.<"
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Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
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